Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Love/Hate Affair with Reviews...

A good review can make my day. If I get a bad one, it can ruin my week.

I think I've got better at taking bad reviews though they do always feel like someone has just socked me in the stomach. As my husband reminded me a few days ago, six months ago I phone him at work in an absolute panic because someone had left me a three star review. At that time, it felt as though the world had collapsed. Now I can see a three star and think, oh well, it could have been better, but at least it wasn't a two!

Even so, getting bad reviews can be hard to take, but they can also be learnt from if the reviewer gives some constructive criticism. However, there are some things reviewers do that drive me nuts. Here are my pet hates in no particular order (cause they all piss me off!)...

1.) Leaving a one star but not saying the reason why they thought the book only deserved a one star!
2.) Complaining there is too much sex in an erotica novel. I mean, seriously, its erotica, of course there is going to be lots of sex!
3.) For free books; complaining it wasn't long enough or that the author then tried to sell one of their books afterwards. It was FREE! Of course authors want to get something back.
4.) Not even bothering to read the actual book but giving it a one star because the didn't like something in the product description.
5.) Mentioning random things that don't even happen in the book. One of my friends had a review complaining about all the anal sex in her book when there wasn't any!

So there they are. Have you got any pet peeves when it comes to reviews?