My Anthologies

A collection of eight sexy short stories of women in danger and the men who save them

In Volume I, meet the hot young lifeguard, the heroic smoldering fireman, and the cop who just loves to use his handcuffs….
Volume II brings you sexy stories of the US Coastguard, a pilot, and a whole team of firemen who simply can't wait their turn...and more!

Content advisory: Contains m/f intercourse, anal sex, light BDSM, and a menage.

For mature readers over 18. This book consists of eight short 'rescued' stories, four bonus stories, and the first three chapters of the vampire romance novel, Alone. Total word count is 40K.

Available to buy for $2.99 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Five sexy stories of women in danger!

Meet the hot coastguard, the heroic pilot, and a whole team of firemen who simply can't wait their turn...and more.

Now with two bonus stories from Everything Erotic.

Content advisory: Contains scenes of explicit m/f sex, anal sex and a menage. For +18 readers only.

This book consists of five short 'rescued' stories and two short bonus stories and is approximately 19K. Available to buy for only $1.99 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Erotica author, M.K. Elliott, brings you Some Love it Hot. Three short stories of girls who know what they like and know how to get it. Meet the air hostess who can’t get enough of the mile-high club, the personal assistant who discovers she shares a love of anal with her boss, and the best friends who love each other just a little too much—much to the boyfriend’s delight. Now including two bonus stories from the smash hit, Everything Erotic.

This book totals five short stories and is approximately 12k in length. This ebook also contains bonus erotic material from two other Red Hot Publishing authors. Total word count is approximately 20K.

Content advisory: m/f sex, m/f/f sex, and scenes of anal sex.

Available to buy for only $0.99 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Workaholic Natalie thinks she can control everything—including her lifelong and only friend, Dan. But when she’s ‘Kidnapped’ she realizes not everything in life can be controlled...and she might even like it that way.

A Sub wife decided to turn the tables on her Dom husband as a special ‘Birthday Surprise’.

Lillian takes revenge on her cheating husband by putting both her stable hand and her crop to good use for a ‘Rough Ride’.

In ‘Spank Me’, a trip to The Club of Pleasure and Pain, makes Lacey think the ‘alternative’ lifestyle isn’t for her. But feisty blonde, Kara stops her from leaving and shows her just how much fun a spanking can be.

And a bonus story; the first in M.K. Elliott’s ‘Rescued’ collection, ‘Break In’. When Meaghan calls the cops after hearing an intruder in her home, the last thing she expects is for her to be the one who ends up in handcuffs.

‘Some Love it Rough’ is the second in the ‘Some Love it...’ series. It contains scenes of mild BDSM, including bondage, gags, sex toys, anal play and penetration with a whip. Also contains m/f and m/f/f explicit sex. Intended for adults only.

These five short stories total a word count of approximately 12K in length. It is available to buy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only $2.99.