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The following short story tells of the first meeting of the vampire, Adrienne, and Nadine from my vampire erotica novella, Deadly Beauty. It is also avaiable as a download from Amazon, Smashwords and soon, Barnes & Noble, and contains the first six chapters of Deadly Beauty!
Content Warning: Contains explicit sex and some vampiric violence!

One Bite

As the statuesque redhead stepped out onto London’s streets, the night wrapped its dark cloak around her.
The world was a lonely place. In her four hundred years walking its planes, Adrienne Gellespie had learned that much at least.
Though the street thronged with individuals—couples out on a date, groups of lads or girls, hoping to hook up, business people having after-work drinks—Adrienne always felt alone.
She walked with a brisk stride, all of her senses alert for that night’s prey. She knew what she desired tonight—a couple, young and fresh, out to have a little fun. Anyone too straight-laced wouldn’t bite, so to speak. They needed to be open to suggestion and some experimentation in the bedroom.
She passed the run-down off-licenses, general stores and rubbish piled up on the street. A young man sat huddled up on a piece of cardboard, a mangy-looking dog lying on his feet. Such poverty amidst such wealth.
Over the years, humanity had learned nothing about how to treat each other. Even though they thought themselves civilized and educated, truthfully nothing had changed over the Adrienne’s existence. Humans simply hid their cruelty better now.
At least with her own kind, there were clear divides. The elders, like her, were the ones to be feared and revered in equal measures. The newly turned would always be the underlings. Vampires held no illusions about being exactly what they were.
Ahead of her, a woman hurried across the street. Her dark hair flew back from her face and, even from this distance, Adrienne saw the woman’s full breasts bouncing beneath her shirt.
But her haunted eyes caught the vampire’s attention most. As dark as her hair, their depth revealed a tortured yet indomitable soul. The woman’s jaw was set in determination and, as a guy in a car wolf-whistled at her, she shot the man such a look of disdain, Adrienne found herself smiling.
Who was she?
The young woman reached the other side of the road and ducked down a side alley.
Interest piqued, Adrienne followed.
The vampire’s movement appeared to be no more than motion in the air to the human eye, a slight blur in their vision, like catching something in the corner of their eye only to turn and find nothing there.
The brunette hurried down past some industrial waste cans lining the back of a take-out store. Further ahead, a bouncer stood outside a set of double doors. A red neon sign above the entrance read, ‘The Paradise Bar’. A couple of the letters had blown and the remaining ones flickered and buzzed.
The woman glanced back, as if sensing a presence.
Cat-like, Adrienne sprung up and clung to the side of a fire escape, allowing her to watch without being seen.
The bouncer nodded to the woman as she passed, but she didn’t go through the entrance he guarded. Instead, she slipped into another side door, just a little further on.
A stripper?
Was the intense woman a stripper? The thought elicited a tightening clench of her pussy, together with something else, uneasiness, a disappointment?
Adrienne wasn’t sure, but she wanted more of the dark-haired woman and it seemed The Paradise Bar was the place to do just that.
Moving too fast for him to see, she slipped by the black bouncer, his thick forearms folded across the wide expanse of his chest. The big man frowned as she swept by and then jumped when the double doors seemingly burst inwards for no apparent reason.
She knew he’d trying to convince himself he’d only felt a sudden, cold gust of wind. The man would think ‘ghost’ before he thought ‘vampire’.
The club’s low ceilings made the place oppressive. Despite the smoking ban, a thin layer of cigarette smoke hovered in the air. A bar ran down one side; a sullen woman in a skimpy gold bikini, chewed gum and polished glasses behind it. Another couple of scantily dressed girls mingled among the customers as they sat at the numerous round tables, nursing drinks and erections in equal measure.
Running down the centre of the club, a small stage took pride of place, a silver pole joining the stage to the ceiling.
A few people noticed Adrienne standing at the back of the club, but they paid her no attention. She produced a sense of danger humans instinctually avoided. Like other animals in the presence of a predator, people often froze when she arrived, hoping not to be noticed.
On stage, a blonde woman with tattoos dipped down, pushing her skinny ass out to the audience. Only a red thong and stiletto shoes graced her body as she shook and shimmied, jiggling her little tits around to music blasting from speakers placed in every corner. A few guys half-heartedly pushed some bills into the woman’s thong and her track ended. The blonde scooped her bra off the stage and sauntered off.
Over the loudspeaker, a male voice announced, “And now, please welcome on stage...Calypso Dreams!”
Adrienne tensed as the woman from the street strutted out on stage.
A pair of gold stilettos displayed her strong thighs and long legs. A jeweled, black lace thong nestled in the cleft of her luscious, round bottom. Her curvy body narrowed at her tight waist and a push-up bra barely covered her full breasts.
The woman walked like a model, with high, jaunty steps. Reaching the front of the stage, she flipped her sheet of hair down, arching her back, gyrating her hips and ass.
Mesmerized, Adrienne stared. Had she ever seen anything so sexy in her life? She longed to touch the woman, feel her soft breasts beneath her fingertips, taste the sweat on her skin.
Around her, a few of the patrons whooped and clapped at the stripper’s arrival, though other met her act with a look of nonchalant disinterest.
The expression on the stripper’s face remained the same, strong but somehow impassive, as if she was somewhere else. But then her eyes locked with Adrienne’s and the woman faltered for the briefest of moments, before regaining her composure.
A jolt raced through Adrienne. No one had ever looked at her like that before—such directness, even in a crowd of people. Normally people didn’t meet her eye; they could tell she was something different.
The beauty reached for the pole positioned centre stage and lifted herself up, wrapping her creamy thighs around the metal before arching her body back, thrusting her chest out toward the crowd.
Every nerve in Adrienne’s body buzzed. She wanted this woman as she had never wanted anyone before, and it was all she could do to stop herself leaping at the stage and devouring her.
Strangely, the usual desire for a feasting of blood did not overtake her. It was the woman herself, Adrienne wanted. The woman, not her blood.
The thought of feeding sent Adrienne’s gaze flicking across the club. The majority of the bar—with the exception of the working girls—were male. Old, young, fat, well-dressed; all walks of life frequented the place. Then Adrienne spotted what she wanted; a couple in their mid-twenties—possibly here to spice up their relationship.
The girl, a svelte blonde, whispered something into her boyfriend’s ear and giggled. The young man spoke back, but his eyes never left the stripper. The pair dressed to impress tonight—the guy in a pair of dress jeans, shirt and a suede jacket and the girl in a tiny flipper skirt and a strappy vest-top. Adrienne wondered if she wore panties under the flimsy material. She’d made an obvious effort to compete with the girls they’d come to watch.
Adrienne didn’t want to leave the brunette on stage, but her hunger called. Besides, the sight of this particular stripper had left her moist in all the right places and with an itch in need of being scratched.
She pressed her thighs together, enjoying the sensations pulsing up through her pussy and tightening in her nipples. The stripper would cross her path again; she’d make sure of it.
Languidly, Adrienne crossed the room to where the young couple sat. The girl’s hand rested on her boyfriend’s crotch, massaging his erect cock through his jeans. The vampire smiled. They were going to make this too easy for her.
Standing behind the man, she leaned down and spoke into his ear, “You know, your girlfriend is sexy as hell.”
At the sound of her voice, he jumped. The girl glanced up to find Adrienne behind them, one long, pale hand placed on the man’s shoulder. A flicker of different emotions and thoughts went through her pretty little head, Adrienne reading each of them as easily as if she’d spoken them aloud: Who is she? Does she work here? Wow, she’s yummy.
Adrienne smiled again. Good, the girl was clearly up for some girl-on-girl action, and the men never turned down the opportunity to get an experience they expected to be jacking off over for years to come. Of course, none of them ever lived long enough to replay their fantasies, but at least they died happy.
“You don’t want any of these whores,” said Adrienne, smiling her sweetest smile. “You’re both way too hot to be paying for it, when I would give you what you wanted for free.”
The couple exchanged a glance: Is she serious? What do you think?
Still bending toward them, she pushed her full breasts, the nipples still hard and poking through her thin shirt, at the couple.
“I am serious,” she said. “Deadly, in fact. All you have to do is follow me and I’ll make your girlfriend come as she never has before.”
“And me,” the man insisted, nodding.
Adrienne shook her head. “I don’t think so, she said. “I don’t do men.”
He shot her a look of annoyance. “So what’s in this for me?”
“Don’t you want to see me eat out your girlfriend’s pussy?” she said, her delicate eyebrows arched. “I thought it was most men’s fantasy, to watch two girls together.”
The blonde stared at her with wide blue eyes, a flush of red creeping up her throat.
Adrienne positioned herself between them and slid a hand down the front of the girl’s top, her fingers finding the gentle weight of her breast and the hardened nub of her nipple. Gently, Adrienne grazed her nails across the sensitive peak and the girl gasped. The aroused boyfriend nodded, words locked in his throat over a bobbing Adam’s apple.
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then,” she said, straightening up. “I suggest you follow me. My offer won’t be open much longer.”
The girl got to her feet, quickly grabbing her coat and purse. The man looked from his girlfriend to Adrienne, unable to believe his luck, and then pushed back his chair.
In her boots and jeans, Adrienne looked positively demure compared to the working girls, but with her flame-red hair, she was hard not to notice. Yet still not a single person looked up as she strode through the club, the young couple hot on her tail.
Adrienne pushed out of the double doors and passed the bouncer. He nodded at the couple as they exited, but ignored Adrienne. Her ability to go unnoticed in a crowd allowed her to kill as she pleased. When questioned, people found themselves unable to give any kind of real description, despite being a witness.
She knew of a hotel not far from here, willing to take cash payments with no identification. Her pace quickened as she headed to the location, that night’s entertainment hurrying along behind.

The hotel room housed a double bed, two bedside tables and a desk. A couple of cheap prints had been framed and hung on the wall, an attempt at making the otherwise basic room attractive.
The couple held hands and glanced at each other, suddenly unsure about the situation.
Adrienne took control. Grabbing the blonde’s hand, she pulled the woman against her lush curves. She stood at least three inches taller so she dipped and slowly kissed the edge of her mouth, trailing across her jaw and down her neck.
The girl kissed her back, but only managed a couple of pecks before Adrienne started to work her way down. The man threw himself down on the bed and propped himself up on one elbow, nodding approvingly.
She pressed her lips against the delicate skin of her throat. The girl’s pulse thrummed beneath the surface, the excited beat filling Adrienne’s whole body. She inhaled deeply, drawing in the metallic tang of yet-to-be drawn blood.
Wrenching down the straps of the blonde’s bra and top, she bared her young, firm breasts, dusky pink nipples gracing their peaks. She stood, exposed and Adrienne stepped back surveying her.
“Not as big as I’d normally like,” she said in a playful tone. “But certainly more than a mouthful.”
With that, she bent her head and took one, hardened nipple between her lips, sucking it against the roof her mouth, rolling the nub with her tongue.
“Oh, you’re so cold,” she gasped, as Adrienne slid her tongue over the nipple, teasing it into a bullet.
Removing her lips, Adrienne said, “Wait until you feel my tongue on your pussy, then you’ll know cold.”
“Hell, yeah,” said the guy on the bed, unzipping his pants and freeing his cock. He pulled off his shirt and then wrapped his fingers around the solid length of his dick. His eyes fixed on the two women in front of him; he masturbated with slow firm strokes.
Adrienne reached beneath the girl’s skirt and hid a smile. No panties—she had been right. The musky scent of the girl’s arousal filled her nostrils. Her fingers touched the soft skin of her folds, already slick with cream, and she pushed deep into the hot wet of her cunt.
The blonde moaned, her legs trembling. She tried to reach out to Adrienne for support, but Adrienne grabbed both of her hands with just one of her own and held them above her head. With her fierce strength, the human didn’t stand a chance, helpless in Adrienne’s grasp.
Adrienne added a second finger to the girl’s snatch and she writhed in the vampire’s grip, her eyes rolling.
If only this was the same woman from the club.
She wished it was the dark-haired beauty she was fingering now and not this little blonde piece of ass.
Wanting to taste her, Adrienne flung the girl onto the bed. She landed beside her boyfriend with an ‘oh’ of surprise.
“Suck his cock,” Adrienne ordered.
Not needing any more encouragement, the man maneuvered himself so he lay beside his girlfriend, his erection parallel with her head. She twisted to meet him, taking the swollen head between her lips. He reached down and grabbed the back of her head, pushing his cock deeper into the back of her throat, making her gag in his enthusiasm.
“Hey! Don’t choke her, asshole,” Adrienne snapped.
Too caught up in the moment to retaliate, the guy mumbled a ‘sorry’, letting go of her head. He lay back to watch, while his girlfriend continued to bob up and down on his dick.
Crouching between her legs, Adrienne pressed the blonde’s thighs wide apart, pushing her pussy out. A little puff of blonde curls nestled just above her slit, the rest of her waxed bare. Her engorged clit popped out at Adrienne; a cherry demanding to be bitten.
She wasn’t going to bite. Not yet.
Her cool mouth encircled the little nub of nerves, her strong tongue licking with deliberate strokes. She pushed a finger back into the young woman’s tight pussy, sliding back and forth in time with the motion of her tongue. The human’s musky tones washed over her taste buds, and she savored them before pushing a second finger into the mix.
Her own cunt throbbed, desperate for some attention. But she’d made a promise she intended on keeping.
Increasing her pace, Adrienne licked with quick flicks of her tongue. Curving her fingers inward, she stroked the secret pad of flesh and the muscles of the blonde’s pussy pulsed around her digits. The girl lost rhythm on her boyfriend’s cock. She cried out as an orgasm overwhelmed her, her fingers digging deep into the cheap sheets. As the last of the waves flooded through her body, she went lose on the bed, all her muscles relaxing.
Adrienne lifted her face, wiping the juices from her mouth with the swipe of a hand. “Now it’s my turn.”
Roughly, she pulled the girl off the bed so she landed on her knees. Adrienne popped her jeans and slid them, together with her panties, down her thighs, before kicking them away.
The man watched them, unsure of his place.
“Go to her,” Adrienne said, nodded at his kneeling girlfriend. He got the idea and dropped onto the floor behind her, lifting her tiny skirt to expose her swollen and sopping wet folds. As he pushed his rock-hard cock deep into her sensitive cunt, she moaned all over again.
Adrienne sat on the edge of the bed, the young woman positioned between her thighs. She laid back, her slit at the girl’s mouth. Eager, a grin on her face, the blonde buried her tongue deep into the vampire’s snatch. Adrienne closed her eyes, focusing on the sensation of the hot tongue sliding in and out of her taut channel. Willing fingers found her clit, rubbing in fast, little circles. The redhead moaned and stretched, her hands laced in the girl’s hair.
The blonde lapped enthusiastically, her tits bouncing as her boyfriend thrust hard from behind, his face contorted with his own orgasm fast approaching.
Adrienne’s release built, tightening deep in her cunt. With her eyes squeezed shut, it wasn’t the blonde she saw in her head, but the brunette from the bar, the woman with the fierce eyes and ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude. It was her tongue buried inside her, whose fingers played her like an instrument.
The damn broke and pleasure poured through her, over and over, her mind and body reeling. The sounds of the young couple coming filled the room, their grunts and cries of delight pushing the vampire higher.
Adrienne quivered in the aftermath, the little shudders of bliss still sparking.
“Thank you,” she smiled, sitting up. “Now for dessert.”
The vampire moved with the speed of a snake, darting for the girl, pulling her to her feet. The young woman saw only a lightening flash of white fangs and a horrifically gaping maw. Her mouth closed around the girl’s slim throat, her fangs sinking into the sweet, succulent flesh. As the warm blood flowed, the boyfriend screamed.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him, still naked, dart for the door. Without releasing her prey, she shot out an arm and caught him by the neck. He made a strange mewling sound as she lifted him off the floor and held him, suspended, his legs kicking for traction.
Blood flowed down Adrienne’s throat. The girl’s pulse and struggles weakened as Adrienne drained her. The strength raged through her veins, lifting her higher, making her want to laugh and scream and cry all at the same time. There was nothing like this; the rush of the first feed of the night.
Just before the heart stopped, she let the girl drop to the ground and turned her attention on the man still dangling from one hand. His face was as white as if she’d already fed from him, his eyes bulging in terror. His gaze flicked between the vampire and his dead girlfriend, as if unable to distinguish which was the most terrifying sight.
“No, please,” he begged, his voice hoarse and strangled.
Adrienne smiled, exposing the delicate points of her fangs. “I don’t do mercy,” she said and lunged at his throat.
The hunger not as high now, she drained this one more slowly, enjoying the transfer of his life-force to her.
Satisfied, Adrienne pulled her jeans and panties back on and surveyed the destruction.
Not wanting to simply abandon the bodies in the hotel room, she opened the window and picked one corpse up in each hand. The metal steps of the fire escape were positioned against the wall. She stepped from the ledge and dropped down onto them. Though she landed in an almost silent crouch, both bodies clanged against the metal, something breaking inside one of them with a sickening crack.
Adrienne paid it no attention—it wasn’t as though either of them could feel anything now.
Leaping down from the fire escape, she landed beside some industrial waste cans. Easily lifting the lid, she threw both bodies inside and covered them up with black trash bags.
Adrienne stood still and allowed the night to wash over her. How fortunate she was to have such an existence. The only flaw in her life was not having anyone to share the pleasure with. The dark-haired woman’s face flashed into her mind.
The vampire started to walk without consciously thinking about where she was going. Only when she heard the angry voices of two men, did she realize she’d done a full circle and come back to the club.
From the bottom of the alley, voices drifted up to her sensitive ears, “You fucking bitch...”
She paused at the entrance between the buildings. Two men stood in front of a woman, their bodies obscuring Adrienne’s view.
“Just leave it,” the other man said. The woman turned to run and Adrienne immediately recognized her; the busty brunette from the club.
The man lunged for her, knocking the dancer to the ground, and from out of nowhere, the glint of a knife appeared and vanished again, as he plunged the blade beneath the woman’s ribs.
Spurred into action, Adrienne ran, her movement a blur, but not fast enough to stop the man pulling out the knife and stabbing his victim again.
Her hands grabbed the attacker and she wrenched him off, flinging him against a red brick wall. He hit with a crunch and slid, lifeless to the alley floor.
Startled, the other guy turned to run, but Adrienne leaped at him, knocking him to the ground. She lifted back her head and sunk in her fangs, draining him just enough to leave him helpless.
Adrienne crouched near the woman lying in a pool of her own blood, confused and in pain.  Dipping into her thoughts, she read her name through the jumble of fear, pain and dying—Nadine.
With the dancer’s blood soaking into her jeans, the vampire reached out and traced a cool finger down Nadine’s cheek. Already, she felt colder than she should, her life’s blood ebbing away.
Adrienne leaned close and whispered in her ear, “I can save you. All you have to do is say ‘yes’.”
The dying woman’s eyes darted across Adrienne face, a mixture of terror and desire.
“All you have to do is say ‘yes’,” the redhead said again.
Nadine struggled to speak. Dipping a finger in the woman’s blood, she traced it like gloss over the dancer’s lips. It wouldn’t take much for her to turn Nadine. Already she was almost at the point of being drained. Adrienne only needed to take her to the very brink of dying and offer her own blood in return, to have the woman forever.
Just one bite.