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When erotic dancer, Nadine, is attacked and stabbed in a dark alley, the last thing she expects is to be ‘saved’ by lesbian vampire, Adrienne.
While Nadine had sworn off men as a human, now a newly turned vampire, she struggles with her new desire for both sex and blood. And when River, a sexy, but dangerous male vampire, is thrown into the mix, Nadine has to wonder if she really wants to be with another woman for the rest of eternity...

(Warning; contains scenes of explicit sex, including lesbian, anal, and ménage, and some violence. Intended for an over 18 reader only.)

This book is a novella and is 36K words in length. It also contains a bonus chapter of the novella, Johnny Living Dangerously, by C.J. Ellisson which is an additional 4K in length.

Available to buy for $2.99 from Amazon.

Emergency Room doctor, Lucy Grey, thought she had it all figured out. She had a great job, a flat in London, and a boyfriend who loves her. But one night at the hospital changes everything. On impulse, she runs away to Koh Tao, a small island off the coast of Thailand, hoping to figure out what to do with her life.

What she hadn’t bargained on is meeting dive instructor, Rudy. With big brown eyes, a lop-sided grin and a seriously sexy body, he instantly takes her breath away. He helps her escape into a new, underwater world, but, as they grow closer, Lucy is riddled with guilt. Should she tell him about the boyfriend back home and her early mid-life crisis, or pretend to be someone she’s not? When a storm hits the island, Lucy has to make a decision.

But Rudy has secrets of his own and secrets drive people apart...

 Available to buy from Amazon for $2.99.


Now available to buy - Sextraterrestrial.

After the sudden death of her husband, author Jessie is suffering from agoraphobia and panic attacks. Unable to venture much further than her own property, she's become trapped in her old farmhouse. Caught in a cycle of sleepless nights and panic attacks, she can't even do the one thing she used to love - write.

But after an incredible lightning storm one night, Jessie wakes to discover a beautiful and completely naked man in her backyard. He knows nothing about himself except his name, Tao, and that he wants Jessie. Convinced she can help him, and he her, they embark on a journey of self and sexual awakening.

Try though she might, Jessie can't ignore the strange things that happen when Tao is around - how he seems able to work the computer without touching it, how his fingers sometimes seem to emit a blue light. After a revelation, Jessie must decide if she can face the truth or continue to hide from everyone and everything. Even herself.