Sunday, 4 March 2012

Had a Spanking Good Time at Eroticon 2012!

It's now Sunday morning, the day after Eroticon 2012. My feet and legs are aching, I think I may have lost half a stone from running around Bristol (got lost) and not eating much (nerves and too busy talking to people) but wow, what an amazing time!

I went to the conference as one of the speakers to talk about self-publishing and taking control as an indie author. I was on first, which was great to get it out of the way, but also caused a mild panic as I was worried I wouldn't get set up in time. I didn't need to worry. The team at the venue were on hand to help me set up the laptop and projector so I was all set to go. I think my talk went well and I had plenty of people catch up with me later to have a chat, which I figure is a good sign!

After my part was done, I could relax. Next I went to a talk from Maxim Jakubowski, an author with thirty-plus years of erotic writing under his belt. Then was the publisher panel. They talked about what they don't want to see any more of (erotic stories where the reader think the characters are having an affair and then the couple turn out to be married at the end) and what they'd like to see more of (Victorian spanking - who knew!).

There were so many highlights, I hardly know where to start. I think, other than getting to meet everyone, my two highlights were the spanking show from London Faerie and his kind offer to be at the end of an email should I need any advice or extra eyes on any BDSM stories, and getting to sit next to Maxim Jakubowski during drinks and drilling him on writing, famous authors he knows (Clive Barker, Anne Rice), and things that inspire him (travel).

During drinks we were treated to a burlesque show by a beautiful but absolutely, tiny, slip of a woman. She did a wonderful job of entertaining us all, as did Ruby Kiddell, the organiser of the conference.

So will I go back next year? Absolutely! I'm looking forward to it already!


  1. I have to leave another "jealous" comment! :) It sounds like it was such an amazing time. I hope I have it together enough to go next year! :)

    1. Yes!!! You have to come next year. It was such an inspiring time, though I feel like I'm still recovering today. I'm such a light-weight these days!

  2. Good morning!!

    It was so great to meet you. Loved your talk on self publishing, I got lots of notes and ideas.

    Happy writing

    Lily x

    Oh, and fabulous stilettos by the way. I had a case of shoe envy going on all day :-)

    1. Hi Lily! I'm so pleased the talk was helpful. As for the shoes, well let's just say that my feet aren't exactly thanking me!
      Thanks for stopping by. X

  3. And we clashed... our sessions I mean... as I so wanted to go to yours.

    I hope you don't mind but I have added your post into my Eroticon round up which you can find here