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Sextraterrestrial - Chapter Three!

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Content Advisory: Contains explicit scenes for an 18+ reader only!

Chapter Three

Tao gathered her up in his arms and carried her into the sitting room. Gently, he placed her on the couch, her ravaged body pressed against the soft cushions. He stretched out beside her and pulled her into his arms, once again. Jessie laid her head on his smooth chest. So much time had passed since she’d been this close to a man, not since Jeremy died. The thought of him sent a pang of guilt through her. She shook the emotion off. Jeremy was dead. She hadn’t cheated on him.
Yet still this situation was hardly normal; to experience such intimacy with someone she’d only just met and in such strange circumstances.
“Who are you?” she asked, lifting her head to look at his face.
He smiled at her, “Tao.”
“Yeah, I got that bit,” she smiled back. “I guess I meant, where did you come from and why did I find you naked in my back yard.”
His eyes clouded. “I don’t know.”
“What do you mean? You don’t know how you got in my back yard?”
He shook his head.                                                             
She was almost scared to ask, “Do you remember what happened to your clothes? Not that I’m complaining, of course.”
“The first thing I remember is hearing your voice. The next thing I remember is seeing you. The third thing I remember is tasting your lips.”
She shivered against him, a delicious thrill racing through her.
“All I know is you,” he finished.
“You have to have come from somewhere. Someone will be missing you.”
Alarmed, she grabbed his left hand. Thank God. No sign of a wedding ring, or even an indent or tan mark where one might have recently been.
“Perhaps we should get you to a hospital. Obviously something has happened to you for you to suffer such total amnesia.”
“I don’t have amnesia.”
Jessie sat up slightly, propping herself up on her elbow. Naked, she suddenly felt exposed, as she hadn’t before.
“But if you don’t remember who you are or where you’re from, you must be suffering from amnesia.”
“Maybe I don’t have any memories to remember.”
“Well you weren’t born in my backyard, a grown man.”
Her own memories flashed through her head, how he was naked, how he seemed unsteady on his feet. Like a newborn foal—she had thought it herself.
This was nuts.
“Tell me about yourself.” He reached down and linked his fingers through hers. “All I want to know is you.”
“You’re not going to turn out to be a lunatic are you?” she said. “Considering what we’ve just done, I’d really hate that.”
“I’m not crazy. If you want me to prove it to you, I will. I will go to this place, the hospital, if you think it might help. I’ll do what I can to make you happy.”
“This isn’t about me,” she said, but the old familiar spikes of pain speared through her, the panic clutching her heart, stealing her breath. Since Jeremy died, she’d gone no further than her own property. Going back to the hospital, to where her husband had died so suddenly, filled her with fear.
Jeremy had always been such a healthy person, which was why it had all been such a shock. He’d worked the land she now rented out, physical hard labor which kept him busy from dawn to dusk while she holed herself up in her office to write. When he came home from the corn one day complaining of a headache and dizziness and then lost consciousness, Jessie had called an ambulance. The distance they were from the local hospital had worked against him and by the time he reached the hospital, an embolism had left his lung and penetrated his brain. The doctors could do nothing more for him.
Other than Jeremy’s funeral, she’d not left the house since. She could make it into the fields surrounding her, but any further made her heart beat in a way that terrified her, her head pounding with a pressure that convinced her that the same thing would happen to her. Sometimes she thought it might be a good thing, for death to take her the same way, but ultimately she was still a coward and death terrified her.
“Why does the hospital scare you?” he asked.
“How did you know I was scared?” Her voice came out as little more than a whisper.
“I sensed it in you.”
“My husband died there,” she said. “He suffered a blood clot in his brain and he went into a coma. I had to make the decision to turn off his life support.”
Unexpectedly, her eyes filled with tears and she blinked them back. One minute Jeremy had been a strong, healthy man with his whole life ahead of him, the next he’d been reduced to nothing more than a beeping machine and a final decision.
Tao reached down and touched her damp cheeks. “Why are you doing that?”
“Doing what?”
“This... wet.”                           
“You mean crying? Why am I crying?” Jessie didn’t know whether to be alarmed or touched. In reality, she was a mixture of both. “You must be from another country,” she said, half laughing.
Tao remained silent beside her.
The sound of claws tapping on the wooden floors headed toward them and moments later, Buddy’s scraggly gray head poked around the door. The dog’s intelligent black eyes sized up the new arrival.
Jessie smiled, “Hey, Buddy.”
The dog hesitated and then trotted through the door and up to the couch. Tao reached out a hand and Buddy paused before prodding a wet nose against Tao’s palm, his tongue flicking out in a welcoming lick.
Jessie laughed, “He likes you.” Such a small thing, but the dog’s acceptance made her whole body sag with relief. She trusted Buddy to be a good judge of character.
The shrill ring of the doorbell pierced the relative peace of the house and Jessie sat up.
“Oh shit.”
Buddy ran for the door, barking in short, high-pitched yaps.
Who the hell could that be? She rarely had visitors.
Jessie ran for the kitchen to grab the clothes she’d tried to get Tao in before and scooped up her own panties and vest. Tao followed so she turned and threw the clothes at him.
“Get dressed,” she hissed.
The doorbell rang again—insistent—Buddy’s barking trying to drown out the sound. Whoever was at the door wouldn’t give up. This was a small community and everyone knew she never went out.
She couldn’t answer the door in her underwear. In a fluster, she raced to the front door and yelled through the wood, “One minute!”
Jessie ran up the stairs, two at a time, to grab a pair of sweat pants. She pulled them on and made her way back down the stairs to find Tao standing in the open doorway, her neighbor, Pamela McCarthy fawning over him.
Panic launched at her and her mind raced, thinking of ways to explain his presence.
“Pam!” she exclaimed. “You’ve met Jeremy’s cousin! He’s been living overseas for a number of years and wasn’t able to make it to the funeral. He’s just got back in the county so I offered to put him up for a while.” She felt as though she’d vomited the words, spurting them out without thinking them over first. Her cheeks flared with heat.
The older woman looked at her, one eyebrow raised. “I’ll bet you did.”
“Pamela…” Jessie warned. Pamela was known for her gossiping. In fact, Jesse wouldn’t be surprised if someone had seen or spotted something different and sent her over on a fact-finding mission.
“It’s lovely to meet you…?” she said, holding out a hard worn hand to Tao.
“Tao,” he finished off for her.               
“Tao? That’s an unusual name.”
“Like I said,” said Jessie. “He’s from overseas.”
“So he’s actually from overseas? He wasn’t just away for awhile?”
“Was there anything I can do for you?” she said, deflecting the onslaught of questions with one of her own.
The older woman patted the back of her hair. “Oh, there’s been more reports of these circles appearing in the fields, especially after last night’s lightning storm. Have you seen anything strange?”
Like a naked man in my backyard?
“No. Like what?”
“Kids messing around. We’ve got to do something to put a stop to the damage they’re causing—literally thousands of dollars worth.”
“If I’d seen anything, I would have called the cops,” she said, wanting to steer Pam away from Tao.
“Sure, honey, I know you would have. I only wanted to remind you to keep your eyes open. Most of this is happening on your land, after all.”
“Look, Pam, we’ve got plans, so if you don’t mind…”
“Oh!” the older woman said, delighted. “You’re getting out and about again.” Her eyes flicked over Tao’s musculature shape. “Good for you, girl.”
“Yeah, thanks,” she said, walking toward Pam, forcing the other woman to back up toward the front door. She finally took the hint, peering around Jessie’s small frame to catch one last goggle at Tao. Her eyes roamed his body before she finally accepted that she was getting her marching orders.
“Well, keep an eye out for anything strange,” Pam continued as she backed out of the doorway and down Jessie’s front steps. “And make sure you have a lovely time with your… visitor.”
“Thanks Pam,” she said, lifting a hand in a wave. “I’ll let you know if I see anything.”
With relief, she closed the door on both her neighbor and the rest of the world. She turned, her back against the door, to find Tao watching her with a smile playing on his lips.
“She means well,” said Jessie. “But people around here have no concept of the word, ‘private’.”
“She’s worried about something.”
“Yeah, some kids mucking around in the crops—playing at alien landings or something. I actually think they’re kind of beautiful, but then I’m not the one losing money.” Jessie narrowed her eyes at his perfectly dressed body. He seemed to be remembering how to do things again quickly enough. Even his speech was pretty much perfect.
Tao took three steps forward, closing the gap between them and scooping Jessie up.
“Hey!” she laughed. “What’s with the Neanderthal-act, carrying me around with you?”
“Do you mind?” He motioned to set her back down, but she shook her head.
“It’s weird, but good-weird.”
Her arms wrapped around his strong neck and he lowered his head to hers, capturing her mouth in a kiss. His warm, firm lips pressed against hers, teasing her lips open. She opened her mouth to him and his tongue slipped between her lips, touching hers, tasting and teasing. The kiss grew more intense and she pressed herself against his body, her breasts crushing against his broad chest. Despite having been so desperate to get them dressed, Jessie suddenly wished the clothing they wore no longer existed.
“Bedroom,” she breathed against his ear.
He carried her up the stairs, her arms still loosely slung around his neck, as though they were a newlywed couple.
“That way,” she said, motioning with her head the direction of the room. Tao grinned and tramped his way to the bedroom. He laid her out on the bed and then stood above her, his hands on his hips, his eyes roving her body. Jessie stretched out under his gaze like a cat in the sun. When he made no attempt to climb on the bed with her, she half-sat, propping herself up on her elbows.
“What are you doing… or not doing?” she asked.
“I’m just looking at you.”
“Why?” she laughed.
“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”
“Shut up!” she said, grabbing her pillow and flinging it at him. Tao caught the pillow with one hand and threw it back at her.
“Hey! It’s like that is it?” She picked the cushion back up, heavy feathers sinking down to one end. But Tao didn’t give her a chance for a repeat attack,
In a swift move, he caught her wrist, pressing her back against the softness of the bed. His strong body eclipsed over her and she melted against the mattress. Tao’s eyes studied her face, flicking over her.
“Stop looking at me,” she whispered.
He grinned, flashing straight, white teeth. “How about less staring, more action?”
Jessie wrapped her thighs around his hips and, digging her heels into his hard ass, pressed his groin against hers. The ridge of his cock met with her mons and she ground into him, pleasure tightening deep in her pussy.
“That sounds like a plan,” she said, pulling herself up to kiss his bitable lips.
Their tongues danced, hot and moist. His lips crushed hers and their need for each other mounted. She pressed her clit against the hard ridge of his cock and he pushed back, in hard, rhythmical motion like two teenagers heavy petting, only the cotton of her sweatpants preventing him from penetrating her.
“I want to taste you,” he said in her ear.
Jessie held her breath in anticipation as Tao worked his way down her body, first kissing the delicate skin of her dellecotage, down over the top of her vest. He paused over her breasts, sucking her nipple through the thin material, his teeth grating the hard peak, leaving a dark, damp patch on her shirt.
He left her breasts and tugged up her top, kissing her stomach. His tongue dipped into the hollow of her navel, making her squirm, before heading lower. Her heart thumped as he pulled off her pants and then rolled down her panties and knelt between her legs.
With her thighs spread before him, Jessie knew she should feel utterly exposed, yet she didn’t. How could she feel so relaxed with someone who was basically a stranger?
Tao lowered his face to her pussy, but before he made contact, Jessie remembered something.
“No, wait!” she said, her hand on his hard shoulder, halting him. “We just… you know. You can’t go down there. Not until I’ve a least taken a shower.”
Still propped halfway down her body, he lifted his eyes to hers. “Nothing on you could ever taste bad.”
“Hmm, even so…” She pulled herself up the bed, away from him. “You can always join me.”
His smiled broke into a grin. “I don’t know what a shower is, but if it’s with you I think I will enjoy it.”
Jessie arched her eyebrows. “You don’t know what a shower is?”
“You didn’t write about a shower.”
“Are you telling me everything you’ve learned if from what you read on my laptop? How did you even read so fast?” Her thoughts tumbled over themselves. “How did you even know how to read if you don’t even remember what a shower is?”
“I can’t explain. I looked at the words and understood them.”
“You’re weird, you know?” she said, only half joking.
Tao grinned in response.
Jessie pushed away any sense of unease threatened to interrupt either her sense of bliss or the possibility of getting Tao’s amazing body hot and lathered in her walk-in shower.
She grabbed his hand and slipped her legs off the bed. “I don’t care. Just come with me.”
Doing as she said, Tao followed; his long, lean legs traipsing across the bedroom floor to follow her into the bathroom. Jessie leaned into the cubicle and turned on the shower. The water warmed quickly sending steam into the air as the jet drummed the porcelain floor. She turned around to find Tao had rid himself of his pants and now stood, naked, his hugely erect cock bobbing before him.
Jessie raised her eyebrows. “Wow, you certainly don’t believe in wasting any time.”
Not allowing her any more words, he stepped forward, his erection meeting her first. He reached out and hooked the bottom of her vest, pulling the material up over her head, before quickly stripping her of her panties. The swollen, smooth head of his cock nudged her flat stomach and she reached down, circling her palm around its girth. He was almost painfully hard, the skin hot against her hand. She pumped his length with slow precision. Her thumb smoothed over the slit, smearing his dick with his own secretion. Tao moaned, his face intense with concentration. She watched him, loving how she was causing this reaction in such a beautiful man.
Water continued to hammer down behind them, the room quickly filling with steam. Keeping a firm hold on his cock, Jessie stepped back, pulling her with him, into the shower.
With no other choice, Tao moved with her—literally led by his dick—and they both stepped under the big, silver circle of the showerhead. Blessedly hot water hammered down on Jessie’s shoulders and she slid her hand from his cock to reach between his legs and cup his balls. Her index finger slid along the flat base of his perineum, her fingertip grazing taut ring of his ass, eliciting a sharp intake of breath and a lurch from his cock.
Jessie dropped to her knees before him, keeping up the massage of his balls and perineum, and the occasional brush of his anus. Water drummed her back, but her face was out of the flow. His thick erection bobbed in front of her and she caught it with her other hand, steadying the perfect dome of his head at her lips.
Tao looked down at her with heavy-lidded eyes. His lips were slack with lust and as she sneaked out a tongue and lapped at his pre-cum, he gasped. She parted her lips and circled his cock, tasting salt and musk and the faint hint of her own juices. She swirled her tongue around the bell, and then ran her tongue up along the flat underside. Closing her lips around his length to create both friction and suction, she pushed lower. He was big enough that she had to adjust her jaw slightly in order to take him in.
His jaw length hair fell about his face as he looked down at her, to watch his cock moving between her lips. Water dripped from the ends of his hair and coursed down his muscular chest.
Then he could watch no longer and he closed his eyes, his head tilting back. He put out each hand and steadied himself on the glass sides of the shower, his biceps bulging with the force he exerted. Though concentrating on the job at hand, Jessie did have enough insight to worry about the glass panels shattering.
His cock began to swell in her mouth as she sucked him harder and faster. But his hand in her hair made her pause and above her he gasped, “No wait. I want to be inside you.”
Jessie slowed her movements and gave his balls a gentle tug to slow him down. While she was happy sucking him until he came, the thought of getting fucked in the shower was simply too much of a temptation.
She allowed his cock to slip from between her lips and gave its tip a quick lick before traveling back up his body. His arms wrapped around her waist and he kissed her, deep and hungry, his erection held tight between them.
Jessie reached behind his head and took the shower gel from the metal holder. She squeezed a small pool of the fruity scented gel onto his palm before doing the same to herself.
Starting at his chest, she soaped him down, running her palms, slippery and wet, over his hard muscles of his chest, the ridged of his abs, back down to his cock. Getting the idea, Tao rubbed the soap between his own palms and began to lather her up, starting by smoothing his hands across her shoulders and heading straight down to her breasts.
While she continued to massage his cock, soap slicking the way, his large hands caressed and molded her breasts, gently kneading the sensitive globes outward to pinch the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. The lubrication of the shower gel only heightened her pleasure as he pulled her nipples into firm peaks, despite the heat of the shower.
He caught her mouth in a kiss once again and every spark of pleasure soared down through her body, tightening deep at her core. Her pussy pulsed, making her even wetter than she already was, and she wanted him deep inside her.
She broke the kiss. “Now! I want you now.”
The water had already washed most of the soap away. Tao reached down, his fingers molded into the firm flesh of her ass. With his forearms supporting her thighs, he lifted her with ease. He moved forward and her back met with the cool glass of the shower cubicle.
Jessie’s legs were already spread for him, her thighs wrapped around his hips, her heels digging into his ass. Tao lifted her away from his body, allowing his cock to position between the hot, wet folds of her pussy. He held her there, the head swelling between her lips and she arched her hips forward wanting to impale herself on him.
Tao spoke, his mouth warm against her ear, “Slow.”
Though she wanted to sink her nails into the smooth skin of his shoulders and force his cock deep inside her, she did as she was told and held back.
Tao moved his hips ever so slightly so the head of his erection bumped and nuzzled her sopping slit, slipping inside her only the fraction of an inch, before rubbing against her clit and then back down again. Jessie moaned, so incredibly turned on she thought she might exploded. Their bodies were parted enough for them both to look down, watching the sight of his huge cock dip in and out of her cunt.
“I can’t,” she gasped, sure she would come without him even penetrating her fully. “I can’t hold on much longer.”
Taking her words as true, Tao finally slid home, his girth forcing her channel to open around him. He fucked her hard, all restraint gone, and her back slammed up against the side of the shower cubicle. With his strength and still holding onto her, he used his arms to piston her back and forth so she slid along the length of his cock as much as he slammed into her. Jessie gave in herself and sank her nails in deep ellipses into his skin, her face pressed against the warm, wet skin of his throat. Her breasts bounced against his chest as he continued to drive into her, harder and faster.
Her dam broke, her orgasm battering over her, making her head spin and tightening every muscle in her body. She cried out, the sound echoing in the confines of the shower. Hot water continued to rain down upon them as Tao swelled inside her and exploded, shooting his cum in several hard, desperate strokes.
Panting, she clung to him and he held her close, burying his face in her hair.
“Holy shit,” she managed when she finally got her breath back. “That was incredible.”
Carefully, Tao put her down and she stretched out her legs, her thigh and calf muscles stiff.
He reached out and touched her chin, so she lifted her eyes to his. “I love seeing you like that,” he told her.
“Yeah,” she laughed. “Well I kind of love you making me look like that.” She blushed, suddenly shy. “You know this is a whole lotta crazy, don’t you?”
He turned her around under the hot water so she had her back to him and the stream ran through her hair. She heard the click of the shampoo bottle opening and then his fingers were in her hair, massaging her scalp with firm but gentle circles and the scent of her citrus shampoo filled the air.
Jessie closed her eyes, focusing on the sensation of him washing her hair and the buzzed out, post-orgasmic glow that left her limbs feeling as though they didn’t belong to her. He rinsed out her hair, applied conditioner and started working on it with the curved comb she kept hanging from the caddy.
“There,” he said when he was done. “Now you’re perfect.”
She snorted and then checked herself—not an attractive sound. “I’m far from perfect. I’ve not gone farther than my own property in three years.”
His smooth brow furrowed, his clear blue eyes searching her face, concerned. “Why not”
“I…” But she shook her head, unable and unwilling to explain.
Every time I try to leave, my heart starts pounding and my vision goes blurry. I get a terrible pain in my head and I’m certain I’m about to die…
How could she explain that to him without him thinking she was a crazy person?
Hey! a little voice chirped in her head. You found him naked in your backyard this morning and he has no idea where he’s come from. There is no way you’re going to be the one who looks crazy.
Except perhaps for the fact she’d then brought him into her home and let him fuck her so intensely, not once, but twice now. And the worse thing was she didn’t want to let him go. She didn’t want to send him away or call some authorities to come and take him. Perhaps she was insane but he felt like her own little secret, something special that had finally been given to her. Okay, he seemed to want her as much as she wanted him, and perhaps this lust had been caused by some kind of head injury, but she didn’t want this to stop.
“We’re going to go all wrinkly if we stay in here much longer,” she said, holding up her already prune-like fingers. “And I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”
She’d only managed a couple of sips of coffee so far that day and after so much exercise, her stomach was so empty it felt concave.
“Yeah, you do eat, don’t you?”
He lowered his lips to her throat, the touch sending a delicious thrill across her skin. She squirmed under his attention as his lips nipped at the delicate area.
Reluctantly, she pushed him away. “I’m going to pass out from hunger and exhaustion if you don’t quit it.”
Tao straightened and flashed her an insanely sexy half-grin, flashing a dimple in his right cheek. His wet hair hung down by his cut jaw and she had to resist the urge to run her tongue across his skin.
Later, Jessie, she told herself. First, you need to eat.

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All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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