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Some More Erotic Fiction - 'Doing the Devil'.

Doing the Devil

Sienna always hated dress-up.
Even as a kid, she resented having to peel off her own clothes to pull on the personality of someone else. She felt confident with who she was and didn’t want to disguise herself. Yet, still, every year Halloween came round and she was expected to become a different person.
Tonight was no different. Now twenty-eight years old, her good friends—a married couple called Christian and Maggie—were throwing a party and she’d been invited. Though reluctant to make an appearance, she worried too many no-shows to this type of event would eventually result in her total exclusion from society.
So Sienna donned the unimaginative but customary ‘sexy witch’ outfit, complete with stockings, a very short skirt and a witch’s hat, and headed out to the party. Pausing on her friend’s doorstep, she smoothed down her skirt and repositioned her hat. Music and voices blared from behind the door.
Knowing no one would hear her knocking, Sienna let herself in. Bodies pressed on every side, drinks held in hand. The other guests eyed her as she passed. Most of their faces were hidden behind masks—ghosts, goblins and ghouls—and she had no idea if she knew any of them or not.
She spotted Maggie in the kitchen, doling out drinks to her guests. Maggie had gone for an outfit almost as unimaginative as her own—a cat—and black lycra clung to every inch of her extremely curvy body. A mask adorned her face, with not so cat-like sparkles all over it.
Maggie saw her coming and waved a hand, beckoning her over.
“Hi!” she exclaimed. “I’m so glad you came!”
“I can’t believe you force me to come to these things. You know how I hate big parties.”
“You can’t stay locked up in your house on your own for the rest of your life. You’re going to die an old maid.”
“Thanks,” she said. “But sometimes I think dying an old maid would be preferable to making small talk  to a load of people I not only don’t know, but whose faces I can’t even see.”
Maggie shoved a large glass of cold white wine into her hand. “Here, get that down you. It’ll help loosen you up.”
“I hope that wasn’t a jibe at me being uptight.”
Sienna scoured the party-goers, trying to figure out if she knew anyone. Someone caught her attention but it wasn’t because she knew him. One of the guests stood aside from everyone else, not making the customary small talk or even drinking. Sienna caught his eye and had to stop herself stepping back in surprise. He had the most amazing amber eyes she’d ever seen—like those of a lion.
His face had been worked in some kind of make-up, like rippled, burned skin, and painted red. The red paint continued down over his naked upper-torso. He must have waxed because not a single hair marred his smooth skin or ruined the perfect paint job. Fur harem pants covered his lower half and bizarrely, big biker boots completed the outfit.
Despite the hideous disguise, Sienna couldn’t miss the broad shoulders and well-rounded curve of this particular trick-or-treater’s biceps. This guy was a hunk of beef, despite the freaky outfit.
“Who’s that guy?” she asked, nudging Maggie in the ribs and nodding over at the well-built stranger.
Maggie’s eyes narrowed behind her cat mask. “I’m not sure. I think he came with one of Christian’s friends. Of course it’s hard to tell with that weird mask, but I’m pretty sure I’d have clocked that body before if I knew him. Now please excuse me, I have to go mingle.”
Her friend sauntered away, leaving Sienna standing in the kitchen feeling awkward. She took a large swig of her wine, hoping to relax. Her eyes were drawn back to the spot where she’d seen the man in the red make-up and her stomach dipped in disappointment. He’d gone.
A voice spoke next to her ear, “I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been staring at me.”
Sienna jumped and spun around to find the man she’d been watching staring down at her. His huge frame dwarfed her petite five-foot-four stature.
Her cheeks flushed. “It’s the outfit,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”
“Thank you,” he said, smiling at her, revealing beautiful, straight white teeth. “I always like to make an effort.”
She raised her eyebrows. “I can see that. What’s your name?”
“Prince,” he told her, no hint of a smile on his face.
Sienna grinned. “Prince of what?”
“Prince of darkness.”
She laughed, “Don’t tell me you’re like one of those method actors who always stays in character.”
Now he smiled, flashing those perfect teeth. “No. I come in many forms.”
Her eyes roved his chest. “I bet you do.” She dragged her eyes away, aware that she was blatantly perving. “So who do you know here? Did you come with some of Christian’s friends?”
“Oh, I know pretty much everyone,” he laughed. “But that doesn’t mean I enjoy hanging out with them. These things are always a bit much for me. I prefer things to be on a more intimate scale.”
His words rang true to Sienna. Perhaps she and this beast of a man had something in common?
“I’m the same,” she admitted. “I can’t stand big parties.”
“So let’s go somewhere more private,” he said, moving to take hold of her hand.
“Hey, no,” she said, batting his hand away. His brazenness had taken her by surprise. “I don’t like men who play dress up.”
But he leaned toward her, his breath fiercely hot against her ear. “Who said I had dressed up?”
A delicious shiver ran down her spine and settled deep in her pussy. She couldn’t deny this guy was unbelievably sexy. Even through the make-up, she could still see his luscious full lips and the depths of those amazing amber eyes. It had been awhile since she’d been laid bare in the hands of a man, and this guy seemed like a very good place in which to break her famine.
Sienna slipped her palm into his large hand and before she knew what was happening, he’d whisked her through the throngs of people and into one of the bedrooms. A pile of coats were bundled on the bed and she stood beside it, once again feeling awkward.
“Turn around,” he instructed, his eyes burning in the dim light.
Burning? How could they be burning?
But she didn’t get the chance to think about it any further because he pulled on her arm and twisted her around so she faced the bed. Her heart pounded in her chest. This was crazy! She didn’t do things like this.
Yet somehow she wanted to. She never did anything out of the ordinary and here she was, about to put herself in the hands of this bizarre but charismatic man.
He bent her over the bed and pushed up her skirt, flipping it over her back. She stood, exposed in her panties, suspenders and heels, but even this modicum of clothing didn’t last for long. His hot hands slid down the curve of her hips, catching her panties in his fingertips. In one smooth move, he rolled them down over her ass and thighs. Sienna stepped out of the ring of lace and he tossed them away.
His hot hands cupped her buttocks and his thumbs ran down the crack of her ass, dipping down into her pussy. Moisture flooded between her folds and her inner sheath clenched in anticipation. She’d never wanted to be penetrated so much in her life.
Heat radiated from his skin, burning into her back.
How could someone survive with such a fever?
Sienna ignored all the questions going through her head, lost in the sensation of his hot hands massage her sopping slit, rubbing back and forth, sliding further between her labia just a little more each time. Pleasure soared through her body, making her head spin.
She moaned and pushed her ass back, hoping he’d get the message and push inside her.
He got the message, but it wasn’t his fingers he penetrated her with.
Instead, the fat, bulbous end of his cock pushed against her pussy. Feeling how big he was, Sienna spread her legs further, opening her cunt for him.
With a single, smooth motion, he pushed inside her, filling her. Sienna gasped—she’d never been filled so completely before and her inner muscles stretched to their limits to take him.
She dropped her hands to the bed, using the support to hold herself upright.
His cock reached up inside her as though it were an individual being, writhing, stroking, twisting. It seemed to touch every part of her, like an inquisitive animal nosing against her most intimate parts.
Sienna twisted her head around to get sight of the amazing cock, thrusting in and out of her.
His hand was wrapped around his thick length, pumping himself back and forth, masturbating over her back. Sienna’s mind blurred. If he was touching himself, then what the hell continued to thrust its way in and out of her pussy with such finesse?
Her eyes widened as she saw something else reaching from between his legs; something long, and thick, and scaly.
A tail? Surely he wasn’t fucking her with a tail?!
She tried to step away, but he caught the back of her neck in one long-nailed hand, holding her still.
I’m imaging things, she told herself, unwilling to remove herself from the crazy pleasure coiling and twisting deep in her cunt. She’d never experienced anything like it before—a whole new level of being fucked.
He stomped on the ground, the sound like horses’ hooves. She glanced back to see his head tipped back, his lips parted as he revelled in his own pleasure. But just before she turned back to the bed, she caught a glimpse of something white and curved growing from his forehead—horns!
The fear she should have felt was smothered by the ecstasy racing through her body. Nobody had touched her in such a way before, as though he stimulated the essence of her soul.
To add to her pleasure, he reached around her body and his burning fingers found her swollen clit. Already engorged with arousal, the added heat and pressure of the circular motion he applied tipped her over the edge.
Suddenly her orgasm mounted through her, too powerful for her body to contain. The room swam, her consciousness washed away, battered by the storm.
Just before she lost consciousness, he leaned over and kissed the back of her neck, his lips burning her flesh, and she heard him say,
“Now you are mine.”

Sienna woke up on the spare bed, confused and disorientated. From outside the bedroom door, the sounds of the party continued—music playing, laughter, people talking. She remembered what had happened and sat up, looking around. Her lover was no longer in the room.
Remembering how he’d kissed her, she got to her feet and made her way to the mirror. A light switch was beside the vanity stand and she flicked the switch, flooding the room with light.
Sienna twisted her neck around. Reflected in the mirror, her pale skin was now branded with a red birthmark in the shape of a kiss.
Prince of Darkness, he’d told her was his name.
And now she was his queen.

Copyright © 2012 M.K. Elliott
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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