Friday, 26 October 2012

New Release: A Sexy Festive Excerpt

With the leaves turning russet and falling to the ground, it's hard to ignore that the festive season is almost upon us!

I love Christmas and this year I've decided to release a festive, sexy short story especially for the season. 'Christmas Male' now available to buy from Amazon for only $0.99!

Keep reading for the blurb and a little teasing excerpt...

Thirty-two year old divorcee, Erica, is alone on Christmas Eve with only a bottle of Baileys to keep her company. Even worse, she’s still awaiting the delivery of her daughter’s main present – even though her daughter is spending that Christmas with her ex-husband. 

She’s about to give up when the delivery guy arrives. He’s young, smoking hot, and seems to be interested in Erica.

Perhaps she won’t be spending Christmas alone after all...

*** ‘Christmas Male’ is a short story of approximately 5,000 words. It includes scenes of explicit sex, anal play, and some sexy fun with a bottle of Baileys!***


He focused on her with those piercing, blue eyes and something inside her quivered, tightening her nipples once more and causing her pussy to pulse. Heat rose from her chest, flushing up her throat.
Erica cringed. He must have noticed the effect he had on her. How embarrassing. He’d probably go out later and tell his friends about the middle-aged, horny housewife he had practically coming in her panties.
You’re only thirty-two; hardly middle-aged...
She realized he’d said something and her humiliation deepened. “I’m sorry, what?”
“I said, sometimes it’s easy to get tired of those parties. Sometimes it’s nice to actually sit down and have a conversation with someone... one-on-one.”
The way he said ‘one on one’ with a deliberate hesitation made her wonder. Was he coming onto her?
“So your daughter isn’t here at the moment?” he enquired.
“She’s at her father’s until tomorrow lunchtime.”
“With your ex-husband?”
“Yes, we alternate Christmases.”
The intensity of his stare deepened, his gaze trailed down her body and back up again, before coming to rest on her face. “I can’t image any guy wanting to give up Christmas with you.”
She wasn’t imaging things. He was definitely flirting with her. Despite the excitement fluttering in her belly, her sensible, parent-head remained on her shoulders. She was a grown-up. She didn’t play games.
Erica sat back. “Listen, I’m not in the habit of getting it on with the delivery guy, I want you to know that. I’m not the type for some young guy to come in for a quick screw so he can go out and brag to all his friends.”
He leaned in closer. Suddenly his lower lip seemed fuller than before, a slight crease down the middle, bite-ably so. What would it feel like to run the tip of my tongue down that crease?
“It’s not like that, Erica,” he said, his eyes searching hers.
“No?” Her voice came out husky. “What is it like?”
“Let me show you.”
He leaned in and hesitated once again, waiting to judge her response. The couple of drinks she’d had gave her some courage. Though her heart pounded and every nerve screamed this was nuts, she didn’t pull away. Instead, she closed the gap.
His mouth pressed against hers, hot and soft. Erica parted her lips, tasting coffee and alcohol as his tongue eagerly delved into her mouth. Fire raced through her and she crawled across the couch, deepening the kiss. Her body seemed to act of its own accord and her thigh stretched across the thickness of his, straddling him.
Erica laced her fingers in the soft curls at the nape of his neck. Their tongues touched and danced, exploring each other’s mouths with sudden hunger.
His hands caressed her body, skimming over the surface of her sweater to cup the weight of her breasts. He squeezed the firm mounds, thumbs grazing her nipples, causing them to harden to a point of pain. Erica arched her back, pressing her tits into his hands. Scott got the message and took her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched the nubs hard enough to make her gasp, her pussy clenching in response.
Was this really happening?  
Erica ground down on him like a horny teenager, the ridge beneath his jeans pressing against the thin material of her black pants. The contact fit perfectly between her pussy-lips, and she felt her juices wet the lace of her panties, soaking right down to her pants, and leaving a damp patch. She rocked her hips, the pressure against her swollen clit sending sparks racing up through her core, tightening deep in her uterus. Her fingers slid from the back of his neck, traced down over his broad, hard chest, until they hooked beneath the soft cotton of his t-shirt.
With a slightly awkward movement, she pulled the shirt up over his head, exposing his young, lean body. She paused, drinking him in. Her ex-husband was in his early forties now and had developed a certain thickness to his torso. This guy was pure muscle, as though his skin had been glued straight on.
But he was too good just to look at; the ripped muscle and smooth skin begging to be touched.
Her fingers trailed over his chest, thumb brushing the hardened nub of his nipple. The sensation created a fire in his eyes and it was Scott’s turn to lace his fingers in her hair, bringing her in for another kiss. His hands left her hair, skimming down her back to grab the bottom of her sweater and pull the clothing over her head.
The soft material being tugged over her head forced the kiss to break, but when he discarded her sweater on the floor she didn’t seek out his mouth. Instead, she lowered her lips to his chest, her tongue sneaking out and trailing a wet line down to his nipple. He inhaled and squirmed as her tongue circled the peak, her teeth grazing over the sensitive flesh.
Erica moved lower, sliding from the couch to the floor between his thighs. She looked up at him, meeting his gaze, and popped the button of his soft, blue jeans. The bulge of his erection created an impressive lump and she wasted no time pulling down the zipper, freeing him.
His cock sprung out to meet her eager mouth; his erection hard, the head smooth and purple. She stuck out her tongue and tasted the salty fluid leaking from the tip. His scent filled her nostrils—no aftershave or deodorant, just the musky and definitive scent of man.
Her mouth engulfed his erection and she stretched her jaw wide around its girth. She swirled her tongue over the head and then sank lower, drawing more of him in, wanting to take him deep. She maintained eye-contact, loving the expression in his eyes as he struggled to control his urge to give in and fuck her face. Instead, he held back with impressive restraint, allowing her to slide her mouth up and down the length of his dick, keeping her lips tight to create friction while sucking with just the right amount of pressure. Her tongue ran down the underside of his shaft as she moved back and forth.
Scott’s hips began to jerk, his cock swelling in her mouth. Not wanting him to come, she gave the base of his erection a firm squeeze and released the suction on him with a wet pop.
“Fuck,” Scott muttered above her, though she didn’t know if the swear word was due to pleasure or frustration....


Like what you've read? Christmas Male is now available to buy from Amazon for only $0.99!

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